Ijtima Travel Subsidy

Subsidy Guidelines for travel to national Ijtima

Please do not apply for subsidy if Allah has provided you with the means to pay for your travel.

Individual members traveling to the national Ijtima are encouraged to bear their own travel expenses. However, in case of financial hardship, Majlis will offer partial travel reimbursement.

The following guidelines were approved by National Amila for upcoming Shura and National Ijtima to be held on September 22, 2017.

No subsidy for travel less than 300 miles from Silver Spring, MD, hotel accommodation, meals, parking, traffic tickets, seat upgrades, trip insurance, priority boarding or other incidental expenses.

  • No subsidy for travel less than 300 miles from Silver Spring, MD.
  • No subsidy for hotel accommodation, meals and parking.
  • No subsidy for traffic tickets and incidental expenses.
  • No subsidy for trip insurance, seat upgrade and priority boarding.

Road Travel: Ansar driving in groups of 4 or more can request subsidy at $0.25 per mile (maximum reimbursement is $250). Distance between Silver Spring and local Majlis can be obtained from www.mapquest.com

Rental of car or van: requires prior approval but note that reimbursement will be 75% of total expense (rental + gas). Remaining 25% is to be contributed by travelers themselves. To request approval, Za'im should write to Sadr Majlis through Regional Nazim before September 13th. Request must include estimated cost and names of Ansar traveling.

Air Travel: 75% of coach class airfare; maximum reimbursement will be $250 (max $400 for West coast Majalis). Lowest priced ticket must be purchased at least 2 weeks before departure.

Shura Delegates: Majlis-i-Amila, in May 2016, approved the same travel reimbursement policy (as above) for Shura delegates as well. Please note this point as its a change from previous years.

In case of hardship, additional subsidy may be available through regional Nazim Ala and Za'im Majlis.

To receive subsidy check on September 24th, members must complete the on-line expense voucher at http://ansarusa.org/expense-voucher by September9th (AND attach all receipts and approvals, or send by email to Receipts@ansarusa.org)