Tarbiyat (Moral Training)


"O ye who believe! Save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is men and stones, over which are appointed angels, stern and severe, who disobey not Allah in what He commands them and do as they are commanded." (66:07)

In his Friday sermon of April 23, 2010, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (may Allah be his helper) instructed us that, “the greatest responsibility lays with the head of the household, the man. He should save his children from the Fire from which God has saved him.” We can be a part of the greater change now and for the legacy we leave behind.

Tarbiyyat (Moral Training) is the means by which we receive guidance, reminders, and keep us focused on our ultimate goal - winning the pleasure of Allah. The nature of our moral character is a direct reflection of the level of our faith. Without true faith in believing in the unseen, the motivation to control ones human urges, egos, self-sacrifice for cause of other and to act in a way pleasing to our creator becomes secondary in our lives and thus hurts our own quality of life, and those around us..

Each monthly meeting will revolve around a particular Tarbiyyat topic related to some moral challenges we face in everyday life. The department of Ta’lim-ul-Qur’an has provided the Qur’anic references on the topic while the Ta’lim-ul -Tarbiyyat department has created scenarios and the responses to those situations with supported references from the sayings of the Holy Prophet (May peace and blessings of Allah be on him), the Promised Messiah (May peace be on him) and Khulafa’.

Please note that the selected topics or moral challenges do not necessarily apply to any one Nasir in particular but they may apply to anyone in our circle of influence. Furthermore, the suggested meeting agendas emphasize interactive exercises so that we may all draw some understanding and valuable lessons out of the relevant moral challenges. We hope other Ansar members will participate in the meeting as well as share their experiences to enhance the discussion at hand.



100% of Ansar (3,000 Ansar members) are attending congregational prayers most days of the week at home, Salat Center or Mosque.


350 new Ansar to enter in Nizam-e-Wasiyat


MonthTarbiyyat Topic
JanHow not to interfere negatively in our children’s marital life?
FebDo we give advice base on absolute honesty and sincerity?
MarchHow do we train ourselves and our family members to understand and recognize cultural and Islamic values that help mitigate against social and peer pressures?
AprilHave we fulfilled our responsibility of spreading the true message of Islam to the world?
MayHow to teach ourselves and our family members to enslave technology?
JuneRamadhan – Monthly meeting not mandatory
JulyHave we instilled the true teachings of Islam in our children?
AugustWhat is our responsibility towards our families?
SeptNational Anṣār Ijtimā‘ – Monthly meeting not mandatory
OctDo we understand wisdom behind worship and prayers?
NovHave we played our role in strengthening the economic condition of our Jama”at?
DecHow to uphold the Ideals and objectives of Majlis Ansarullah alive in our hearts and minds?

Engage in thoughtful Discussions

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Local Tarbiyyat secretary will have an important and prime role to play regarding the implementation of the Tarbiyyat plan of action. It will be his responsibility to comply fully with every aspect of the plan and to implement it with perseverance. With assistance from the local Zaim Majlis Ansarullah, it will be the duty of every local secretary for Tarbiyyat.

1 To expand the scope of Tarbiyyat to every single member of the Majlis.
2 To activate and awaken the Majlis members in terms of Tarbiyyat and to ensure the implementation of each aspect of this plan.
3 Secretary for Tarbiyyat should have one assistant who continuously work together for the progress of the plan.
4 In order to highlight the importance of Tarbiyyat, speeches on Tarbiyyat topics should be organized and be delivered by members during local monthly meetings. Likewise, any new instructions received from the Majlis Ansarullah USA should be conveyed to members at such occasions.


Observance of five daily prayers is a fundamental tenet of Islam. There is a dire need exert utmost efforts on this.

1 Special attention should be given to increasing attendance at mosques and Salat-centers. The secretary for Tarbiyyat of every Jama’at is responsible for a) maintaining an attendance register of Salat and b) for persistently improving upon the current situation.
2 To begin with, a comprehensive assessment should be made to establish the current attendance. That will be considered the starting point; based on which, any further improvement will be measured.
3 Constant reminders should be given, which emphasize the importance of Salat.
4 Every Ahmadi man is obliged to observe five daily prayers. It is particularly obligatory for men to offer Fajr and Ishaa’ prayers in congregation at the nearest mosque or Salat center. This should be done with special devotion.
5 In order to increase Salat attendance, the following method should be put in place:
• Fifteen minutes prior to the Salat, a text/whatsapp reminder should be sent to those members of the area, who usually do not come for Salat.
• A chain system can be introduced for calling each other.
•. One person should be called and he should call the next person to remind and so on.
6 Those members, who, due to distance or lack of transportation, find it difficult to come to the mosque or Salat center, could be offered the following facility:
• Smaller areas could be formed within a Majlis/Jama’at.
• Those regular in attendance should car pool to help those who don’t drive and live close by.
• If this is done with persistence, there can be a substantial improvement in the attendance.
7 The house of any Ahmadi could serve as a Salat-center, where members could offer congregational prayers. The Salat-center being at someone’s house will be a great source of blessings for the household. Ladies and children of that household will also get the opportunity to observe Salat If there is no such Ahmadi household is found in the area then an alternative place could be rented for that purpose, with the prior approval of National Jama’at, USA or Majlis Ansarullah, USA.
8 In such places, where there is a mosque available, but members live at a distance, one or more Salat-centers should be established after a careful assessment


It is highly important that all members of the Majlis listen to Friday sermons of Huzoor-e-Anwar (ABA) and form a strong attachment with Khilafat.

In order to create a strong bond with Khilafat, every Ahmadi should write at least one letter each month to Huzoor-e-Anwar, requesting prayers.


The enormous task of Tarbiyyat is immensely important. Moosian should also be included in this task, along with the local Majlis. For this:.

A complete list of all the Moosian should be compiled and new Moosian should be added to the list.
Encourage other Ansars to apply and become part of the blessed scheme of Al-Wassiyat.
At least a portion of monthly general meetings should be dedicated to discuss Al-Wassiyat Scheme