Nizam-e-Wasiyat (System of Wasiyat)

Nizam-e-Wasiyat is a divinely inspired scheme initiated by the Promised Messiah (as) himself. Following are some excerpts from his book, Risala Al-Wasiyyat or The Will which he wrote in 1905. He wrote in his book, Risala Al-Wasiyyat or "The Will".

“I was shown a place that was named Bahishti Maqbarah (Bahishti: of Paradise; Maqbarah: cemetery), and it was conveyed to me that it contained graves of such selected members of the community as are destined for Heaven.”

“I pray that God may bless it and that He may make this very piece of land Bahishti Maqbarah and make it resting place of those members of the Jama‘at who are pure of heart and who have in reality given precedence to Faith over the world and who have renounced love of the world and submitted themselves to God and who have brought about in themselves a holy change and who have, like the disciples of the Holy Prophetsaw, set example of faithfulness and truthfulness. Amen, O Lord of the worlds.”

From Risala Al-Wasiyyat by Hazrat Promised Messiah (as)

Majlis Ansarullah’s Goal:

Majlis Ansarullah has set the following targets for individual Majalis to bring new Ansar members into Nizam-e-Wasiyat. Majlis Ansarullah desires to achieve this goal by September 23, 2017 when national Ansar Ijtema starts.

For Small Majalis (Tajnid is 25 or less): 3
For Medium Majlis (Tajnid between 25 or 50): 5
For Large Majlis (Tajnid larger than 50): 7

350 new Ansar to enter in Nizam-e-Wasiyat

Why Now?

In his closing address in 2016 Ansar Ijtema, Respected Amir Sahib, USA reminded us the following wish of Huzur (aba) encouraging us to fulfill that wish by joining the system of Wasiyat.

“My wish is that in 2008 when hundred years would have passed since the establishment of Khilafat, Inshallah, in every country of the world, in every Jama‘at at least fifty percent of the earning members who pay Chanda should have already joined this grand and noble System of the Promised Messiahas, and would have become the promoters of spirituality and setters of noble standards of sacrifices. This will also be a humble offering to Allah from the Jama‘at that it will be presenting to Allah as a token of gratitude on the completion of hundred years of Khilafat. And as the Promised Messiahas mentioned that people who are concerned about achieving a goodly ending and offer their prayers, should participate in this scheme.”

[Al Fazl International, Vol. 11, Issue No. 50, 2004]

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